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Future of Payments Colloquium Presentation Slides

Download the presentations from our 2013 Future of Payments Colloquium: Shifting consumer preferences, startup disruptors, smartphone apps, digital wallets, person-to-person payments, and changing plastic card standards are all facets of an uncertain payments market. Household names like Visa, Google, and PayPal are pitted against startups like Square and Dwolla. Credit unions and credit union partners are responsible for building capabilities and staying flexible enough in the meantime to assure that members will have the options they want.

Today in payments, the questions rule:

  • How should credit unions plan strategically in such an uncertain environment?
  • What are the emerging systems that promise the most opportunity for small financial institutions like credit unions?
  • What are the likely payments scenarios over the next five years?
  • What are the known unknowns in the market?

This full-day colloquium addresses those questions directly and will feature insights and scenario planning from McKinsey & Co., which runs one of the world's preeminent payments consulting practices.

Emerging Payments Showcase—What new channels are most likely to disrupt the current marketplace? What do the longshots look like?

Digital Wallet Overview—Everybody from Apple to Walmart to American Express wants a finger in tomorrow's digital wallet. An interesting recent development is MCX, a consortium of merchants bring a retailer perspective to wallet development. Learn what it will look like and how credit unions can reserve their own spot in it.

Credit Union Payment Providers—How are today's credit union payments companies in the U.S. and Canada preparing for the new normal? Providers present their views and answer expert questions.

Scenario Planning—Several scenarios are possible as the market sorts out. We talk you through the most likely and how credit unions should respond to each.