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I3 Idea Blueprint: The Leap

In this i3 Idea Blueprint brief, you will learn about The Leap, web-based tool that shows credit union members how they can save through eco-friendly options.

Executive Summary

According to a Cone, Inc. survey 61% of teens to young adults (13-25) feel personally responsible for making a difference in the world. Additionally, in an Edleman Good Purpose Study, 85% of Americans are willing to change their behavior to make the world a better place to live by redirecting their spending habits.

  • How can credit unions connect with younger generations?
  • How can we employ a commitment to social responsibility?
  • How can credit unions help consumers save money through wise green choices?

What is the research about?

In this i3 Idea Blueprint, you will learn about The Leap. The Leap is a web-based tool that shows credit union members how they can save green in their wallets by making good choices and taking advantage of money-saving and eco-friendly options offered by a credit union.

What are the credit union implications?

Take the Leap! Why do we love The Leap?

  • It promotes thrift. Members learn new ways to save by making smart eco-friendly choices.
  • It’s easy to implement. It can be as simple as linking to The Leap from your credit union’s website or using the tool and materials to enhance your own green marketing efforts.
  • It’s customizable. Credit unions can customize The Leap with links to their own green products and services.