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Money Talk: Shifting the Financial Landscape

Filene’s Center for Consumer Decision Making hosted a research event to explore the financial experience of the Millennial generation and elicit insights from researchers and a panel of twenty-somethings, providing insights for financial industry leaders.

Executive Summary

Filene's Center for Consumer Decision Making hosted a Money Talk research event that explored the market-shifting force the Millennial generation has on the financial industry. Through the five presentations given we consider that the Millennial generation is living a dichotomy. More Millennials are living in poverty than the previous generation and graduating with triple the debt for a college education. Yet, they are the target market and driving force of the fintech revolution and many will be receivers of the greatest wealth transfer to ever occur in America. 

Credit unions are uniquely positioned to understand and support this generation through what is most certainly a scary, uncertain, and exciting time in their lives.