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Credit (In)Visible

  • Shawn Gygi Director of Financial Management at Teachers Credit Union
  • Shanda Reaves Project Manager at Chartway Federal Credit Union
  • Gabriel Reyes-Oropeza Business Analytics Consultant at Travis Credit Union
  • Theresa Tschumperlin President & CEO at Ultum Group
  • Mark Volz Director of Business Development at CU Strategic Planning


How can credit unions step above and beyond the traditional consumer lending standards to provide credit options for the 26 million consumers who are credit invisible and challenged with affordable access to consumer credit?

Innovative Solution: 

Credit (In)visible is a lending matrix concept that allows credit unions to identify potential gaps in their traditional lending model. Additionally, our team recommends partnering with a fintech or technology partner to streamline their underwriting process. Some potential partners include Conductiv Trellance, Origence, and Zest AI.

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