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Cortney Arnold

Community Development Director at Filene Research Institute

Cortney aims to prepare credit unions for the next generation. She thrives on making human connections to understand what drives people and then helps guide them to act using research-based solutions. These connections, insights, and passion are the pillars that guide Cortney’s approach to leading Filene’s communities.

A proud millennial, Cortney has more than 14 years of experience in financial services. Her career started at a savings and loan in a contact center, but she made her way to credit unions through SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union. In her life before Filene, she was a supervisor over the remote service channels. Her experience working with members and team members for seven years gives her critical insights into ease-of-use, the importance of building relationships, and, most importantly, a knack for creative and transformational leadership development.

Cortney earned a BA in Communication Studies from California State University, Long Beach, and an MBA in Organizational Leadership from Brandman University. Not only does Cortney value education, but also life lessons—and what better way to connect with people than through travel. She has traveled to Europe through a study abroad program and spent time volunteering with a women’s group in India. Cortney was selected as a GAC Crasher in 2016, which helped cement her commitment to the credit union movement.

When Cortney isn’t working or traveling, she enjoys camping, hiking, coffee, and watching Futurama, Fringe, or Bob’s Burgers with her two cats, Ralphie and Francis.

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