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  • Anne Kirksey Marketing Manager at ELGA Credit Union
  • Annie Lepper Vice President of Lending & Marketing at Minnesota Power Employees Credit Union
  • Ben Maxim Chief Digital Strategy & Innovation officer at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
  • Hazelmae Overturf Program Director at Kauai Federal Credit Union
  • Randy Stolp Chief Information Officer at My Community Credit Union
  • Christina Wilkerson Manager at SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union


How might we anchor our highest potential, most talented people to the credit union movement?

Innovative Solution:

CUshift is a mobile app concept the “uberizes” credit union front-line employee schedules. This app gives employees the power to bid, select shifts, and work locations based on their needs. Other features include allowing employees to send parts of their schedule out to bid if they need time off instead of requesting vacation time. Part-time employees can choose to work more hours when they need/want to. 

The CUshift prototype was built in a solution called UXPin and is available using the link below.


Password: i3

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