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Webinar: Filene Credit Union Innovation Success Study, Year 2

Review webinar materials from Filene Credit Union Innovation Success Study: Year 2 hosted on September 28, 2023.

Credit unions have traditionally been perceived as less innovative according to consumers when comparing them to larger banks, online banks, and fintechs. This stigmatization has put pressure on credit unions to focus on flipping the script and creating awareness in the minds of the consumer of their ability to deliver exceptional member experience through innovation. At Filene we understand how important this issue is which is why we have continued fielding our Credit Union Innovation Success Study in partnership with Rockbridge Associates and surveyed credit union members on how they perceive the innovativeness of the credit union industry.

Innovation & Incubation

Center of Excellence

Led by Filene Fellow Dr. Jeffrey Robinson, the Center of Excellence for Innovation & Incubation will explore emerging products and services, and help credit unions build systems, cultures and processes so that they may remain adaptive to changing needs of members and communities long into the future.

Credit Union Innovation: The Member Perspective

Research Report

In today’s marketplace, satisfying consumer needs is not sufficient for service providers, including credit unions, to survive and grow. They must innovate. This study highlights the importance of business and social innovativeness among members.

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