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  • Dana Clark Vice President, Lending at Nutmeg State Federal Credit Union
  • Joline Soedarjatno Director of Corporate Relations at Target Credit Union, A Division of BCU
  • Michael Spink SVP, Research + Development at Civic Federal Credit Union
  • Steve Webb CEO at Neighbors Federal Credit Union
  • Jason Werts President & CEO at Advantis Credit Union
  • Linda Young Founder at ponderpickle consultancy

The Opportunity: Not all college educations are created equal and some combinations of career and school choices produce better value than others.

The Solution: mintuition (formerly Learn & Earn) provides prospective students with the information they need regarding career and school options, while helping them gain the knowledge to make informed, smart decisions about their future.

Getting Started: Contact us to learn more about this idea from Filene i3.

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