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Webinar: The Cloud and Cybersecurity Continuum – Where Are You?

Review the webinar materials from "The Cloud and Cybersecurity Continuum – Where Are You?" hosted on August 19, 2021.

Filene has been carrying out extensive interviews with credit union leaders, financial services providers and security firms to bring forward insights on critical security issues, talking points to help credit unions shift their technology infrastructure conversations, and a first glance at a credit union assessment tool to jump start digital transformation journeys.

Special thank you to our research partners on this project Linda Young with PonderPickle and Christopher Sachse with Think|Stack. Review the webinar materials below.

  • Watch the recorded video below.
  • Review the presentation slide deck.
  • Download the first output from this research partnership below.
  • Want to go deeper on this topic and help pilot the self-assessment tool? Please email Dan Hoover, [email protected], to indicate your interest.

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