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How might we create alternative services for members who have unstable/variable incomes?


Savings Advance is an employer offered benefit that creates an easy way to build savings and reinforce savings habits while retaining access to funds for unexpected expenses. Derived from Savings Clubs found in African and Caribbean cultures, Savings Advance puts a twist on the concept, allowing you access to cash at any time during your participation in the program. The more you save, the less you’ll have to pay for that emergency expense.

Testing Results:

We sent the clickable prototype to credit union professionals and members of Filene to review and offer feedback. We received 42 responses.

  • 61% of respondents had a positive reaction to Savings Advance.
  • Reaction was mixed to the fees associated with this product. The open-ended comments suggest there was confusion about the withdrawal fee applying to one’s own savings; the fee only applies to money advanced from future savings. 
  • The chat feature in the tool was the lowest rated feature and receive mixed feedback in the open-ended comments. While the social element is a key feature in other types of lending and savings clubs, more work should be done to understand if this product is more appealing if it is an individual based product or if the chat feature is optional in a group environment.