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The Great Credit Race

  • William Azaroff CEO at Brightside Community Homes
  • Marquis Boochee Vice President of Strategic Alliances at Kinecta Federal Credit Union
  • Damian Jakubczyk VP Digital Innovation at Canvas Credit Union
  • David Klavitter Chief Marketing Officer at Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • Josh McAfee Credit Union Advisor at Callahan & Associates
  • Denise Wymore Marketing Manager at QCash Financial


A person’s ability to obtain financing, rent an apartment, get a cell phone, and get a job can hinge on his or her credit score. And, it’s actually easier to get a loan with a bad credit score than with no credit score at all.


The Great Credit Race tackles this credit conundrum. The contest platform helps young adults establish credit scores, motivating them through gaming techniques and supporting them with financial education.

Test Results:

Del Norte Credit Union and Dupaco Credit Union piloted The Great Credit Race in their communities. Together, they collected 46 race applications, which yielded 15 qualified contestants. Each participant received a Visa credit card with a $500 limit and reasonable finance rate to use for building credit.

See the results so far:

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