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7 Ways in 7 Days You Can Come Play with Filene

At the core of Filene’s strategic foundation is our brand promise. Our brand promise is that together we will “create change,” and in order to do so, we invite you to “come play with us!”

In that spirt, we are highlighting all the various opportunities our members have, from big to small, from here to there, to come play with us.

Come play with us…

…On social media!

One of the first things you should do, if you have not done so already, is connect with us on social media – both you personally, and your credit union’s profiles. We invite you to learn, converse and engage with us and others on:

Reach out to Holly if you have social media questions.

…On our team!

We have an amazing opportunity to join our team as managing director, research. We’re searching for a strong storyteller who can translate complex research into compelling, easy-to-understand outputs for multiple audiences. Review the description or reach out to Tiffany for more details.

…With our research!

We’re launching the remaining three of our five Centers of Excellence over the coming year. These centers are designed to meet the changing needs of credit unions and their members, by exploring topics critical to the future of consumer finance. Filene members can access research within these centers or any of our past publications. We invite you to attend our two upcoming research colloquiums on November 18 and January 18. Check in with Stephanie if you want to learn more.

Research topics are driven by the Filene Research Council, a distinguished group of credit union executives who individually and collectively play integral roles in the continued advancement of the credit union movement. Contact George to learn more about the council.

…Through our programs!

Our Impact programs are born from our research, grow up through market testing and graduate to be ready to work for you. One great way you can learn more about these opportunities is by attending webinars where we present solutions and ways you can elevate your work to the next level. For example, join us to learn how to make your member's journey as smooth and easy as possible to increase loyalty. Drop a line to Tansley for more information on any of these opportunities.

…To innovate and change the future!

It’s i3 (Ideas, Innovation, Implementation) season--our favorite time of year at Filene! We’ve just announced the 2018 team of brilliant credit union stars and we’ll be reporting out to you the best of what they (and past i3 teams) invent as they play with us. Want to be our next i3’er? Complete this form to be notified when recruiting begins for the next team, or contact Marnie to learn more.  

…By piloting innovative programs!

If your credit union wants to close the financial service access gap in your community by testing some of the industry’s best ideas and readying them for large scale impact, join more than 28 of your credit union peers in our Reaching Minority Households incubator. Take living your values to the next level--sign up by 9/15 to offer programs designed to serve the needs of minority groups and other financially vulnerable populations in the US and Canada. Get in touch with Adam for more on this opportunity.

…As a Filene member!

It’s because of you that Filene exists. We value our members and we want to continually provide you value and celebrate what we’ve built together. Join us at the upcoming Annual Member Meeting to as we thank you for your support of Filene and reflect on how your generous contributions fueled our work in 2015/16.  We’ll also take time to look forward to the robust and exciting pipeline of research and innovation coming out of Filene in 2016/17 and how it guides organizations like yours towards growth and success. Contact Beth with any questions.

If your credit union is not yet a Filene member, you can easily become a member. Contact Jimese to talk to us about joining.

So many ways to engage

We would love you to join us in any or all of these ways to engage. At Filene, we’re always looking for more and more opportunities to invite our members to come along as we work to improve the future of consumer finance.

"Progress is the constant replacing of the best there is with something still better."

-- Edward A. Filene