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Gratitude for Your Impact. Tools to Help You Grow.

Happy Thanksgiving! As we reflect on what we are grateful for, I remain inspired by the resiliency of the credit union industry and your credit union’s drive to step up to new member challenges with urgency and impact.

Despite the dynamic environment we now live in, your institutions continue to develop and grow their business value, operations, infrastructure, and talent, to ensure you can better serve your members and communities—and grow the competencies, reach and capacity needed to maximize impact.

My commitment to you, in the words of our namesake, Ed Filene, is to ensure that Filene is constantly working hard at replacing “the best there is with something still better” so you always have what’s needed to be the best version of what your members need. From education to leadership development to skills assessment and training, Filene has the resources and support to help you outlast the turbulence:

Educational Growth

Leadership Development

Skills and Competency Building

Pause and reflect this week on how important you and your organizations are and the true impact you have on the millions of people credit unions collectively serve. For all that and more, Filene thanks you. We’re here to be the best resource for you, to be the best resource for your members and communities. We are here to help you think forward and change lives.

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