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Webinar: So you want to talk about...future of branches

Review the webinar materials from So you want to talk about...future of branches, hosted on October 6, 2022.

  • Nicole Alcorn SVP, Chief Experience Officer at Teachers Credit Union
  • Emilio Cooper SVP Retail Banking at Bethpage Federal Credit Union
  • Mai-Linh Hoang VP Corporate Strategy & Marketing at Collins Community Credit Union
  • Corey Waite President at Rubicon

64% of leaders believe that in the next 3 years they will decrease the number of branches they operate. We heard from four industry leaders earlier today on the ways they are innovating within their branches now, how they are supporting their teams in this new world, and where they see their own branches in the future. 

  • Watch the webinar recording below.
  • Review the presentation deck here.

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