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Where Do Great Ideas Come From?

Ever had a great idea pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere? If so, you know it’s difficult to pin down what exactly sparks a novel idea. Here at Filene, we’ve had the pleasure of building a competency of innovation with credit union leaders for over a decade that puts people at the center of innovation, ensures problems are well defined, nurtures innovative problem solving and ultimately drives iterative prototyping and tangible, life changing solutions.

We’re fortunate to collaborate with another organization that values innovation – Visa Inc. In fact, Visa places so much significance on innovation that they have built a lab space dedicated to fostering it. Visa’s One Market Center in San Francisco features a unique space that encourages collaboration and provides an ideal environment for imagination, creativity and best of all prototyping that brings ideas to life.

Crash an innovation lab

Here’s the great news – 75 credit union young professionals have a unique opportunity to see exactly what the innovation lab is all about and practice our Filene method of innovation. Join Filene’s “The Cooperative Trust” to Crash the Visa Innovation Lab on August 15! You’ll learn, prototyping and build new relationships with your peers from across North America.

Spaces are going quickly, so sign up now to reserve your spot! The event is free, so attendees just have to cover travel and lodging.

Surviving the big and scrappy

In an industry where credit unions have to compete for survival against “the big dog” financial institutions and the scrappy FinTech start-ups, innovation is even more crucial to ensure our products and our business model are solving our members’ and potential members’ biggest problems in new and unique ways. By registering to attend this unique Crash event made possible by Visa and The Cooperative Trust, you’ll receive tools for divergent thinking and innovation that you can use throughout your career.

As you may have heard, The Cooperative Trust is undergoing an exciting leadership change. James Marshall is in the midst of helping lead the transition of the Trust and will eventually be moving onto other big challenges at Filene. I’m excited to begin working closely with this unique network of young credit union professionals. The young people in the credit union system today will be its leaders tomorrow, and investing in this generation is investing in our future success.

Recognizing the influence with which young adults are disrupting established industries, credit unions have to invite and include them or risk obsolescence. The Cooperative Trust is focused on harnessing that young adult disruption in a way that invites credit union-ers of all ages to join in. All generations have to recognize the importance of today’s young people, who account for more than 80 million consumers in the U.S. alone. Without young perspectives shaping our future, credit unions can’t remain competitive.

Join The Cooperative Trust for our free Crash the Visa Innovation Lab, and ensure your credit union reaches the next generation.