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Cornerstone League Innovation Group

Cornerstone League’s Innovation, Collaboration, and Engagement Committee is partnering with Filene to bring the Filene Method of Innovation framework to Cornerstone League members.

This framework is based on Filene’s renowned i3 program and we’re honored to offer this to Cornerstone members. Filene i3 is an innovation leadership program equipping top credit union professionals with the mindset, tools, and network to lead and shape the future. Through this program, participants work in cross-functional teams to explore and address some of the most pressing challenges facing credit unions, while learning cutting-edge innovation competencies grounded in three core categories.

In 2022, the Cornerstone i3 leaders presented their projects and research at the Elevate Conference in Houston. Now, this fall, more innovators from throughout the Cornerstone region will have the opportunity to apply to serve in the next Cornerstone i3 class and present their projects at this same event in 2024.

Concept Documents from the 2022 Cornerstone Innovation Group

We engaged with credit unions leaders over a six-month period to solve big challenges faced by members and community members. Here are the solutions they created!


Champion Account

Dee Crisp from Government Employees Federal Credit Union, Mike Delker from Cornerstone League, Brad Hickey from American Airlines Federal Credit Union, Shelli McCoy from Tarrant County's Credit Union, and Kirby Ramirez from Hereford Texas Federal Credit Union.



Alyssa Guillory from Unity One Credit Union, Kobey Mabry from Red River Employees Credit Union, Nick Tonelli from Germania Credit Union, Jennifer Webb from UP Federal Credit Union, and Amy Fuller from Cornerstone Credit Union League.


Business in a Box

Tanya Patterson from Texans Credit Union, Gretchen Ziegler from Cornerstone League, Chint Murdock from Red River Employees Credit Union, Ethan Pack from TDECU, and Mary Beth Spuck from Resource1 Credit Union.

Innovation Group FAQs

Q: What is the time commitment for participating in the Cornerstone i3 program?

A: We find that participants spend between one and four hours per week during the duration of the project.

Q: How many people make the ideal group?

A: Our goal is to bring along 16-20 innovators. There will be four teams with 4-5 people on each team.

Q: How are the groups formed?

A: We review all applicants and work to create teams that represent a variety of roles, asset size, and personality types.

Q: How much does it cost to participate in the Cornerstone i3 program?

A: There is no cost to participate in the program if selected. However, participants are expected to travel to Cornerstone HQ for all three in-person sessions, as well as to the Elevate Convention in 2024. We recommend budgeting about $2,500 for travel, hotel, and food expenses.

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