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Amy Eagan

Membership Manager

As Impact Manager for the Filene Research Institute, Amy’s role is essentially to stay put while her team jet sets and drives results in credit unions across North America. As quarterback for the Impact area, Amy’s objective is to provide overall project management oversight to ensure service agreements are met and exceeded and overall outputs and commitments are exceptional. 

Amy is a tenured Marketing professional with deep experience both inside and outside credit unions, holding frontline leadership positions at three different credit unions in three very different parts of the Country. She was most recently the Vice President of Marketing at a large credit union in Atlanta. She has participated widely in the industry throughout her career in programs like the CUES Next Top Credit Union Executive contest, CUES CEO Institute, the World Council of Credit Union’s WYCUP program and Filene’s own 30 Under 30 initiative. 

Amy holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Michigan State University. She works from her home office near Atlanta and enjoys traveling and trying new restaurants with her husband Chris. Although they’re not doing much of either since they recently welcomed baby Sean to their family!

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    A Taste of Our Own Medicine

    Just like credit union’s face every few years with their own sites, the site was starting to show its age as technology was changing around us. Our own studies have shown that credit union’s online presence matters.  More and more consumers are going online as their primary research and shopping channels and often times this is where the first impression of an organization is made. Well, we swallowed our pride and recognized that we needed to work on our own first impression. We can’t just talk the talk, it’s time to also walk the walk.