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Ben Rogers

Managing Director, Research

Ben wrestles economic, consumer behavior, management, and policy questions through Filene Research Institute's research pipeline. Sometimes Ben wins. Sometimes the research wins. As the nonprofit's research director, he speaks widely on credit union topics and has authored nearly twenty Filene reports, on topics as divergent as young adult financial behavior, service channel delivery, noninterest income, and co-operative management.

Ben served previously as director of Filene's CU Tomorrow project. Before coming to the nonprofit, he was a Congressional reporter in Washington, D.C., editor of The CEO Report and chairman of the National Directors’ Convention. Ben has been cited broadly, including in CNBC, the Wall Street Journal, Credit Union Journal, Credit Union Times, and American Banker. In a prior incarnation, he helped publish a startup magazine about fatherhood. Knowing little about fatherhood or magazine publishing, he moved quickly to business journalism.

Ben holds a master’s degree in Journalism from Northwestern University and a BA from Brigham Young University. He and his family reside in Madison, Wisconsin.

The latest from Ben

  • Report #399 | | From the Archives Members

    Financial Preferences and Attributes of Middle-Income Investors

    Middle-income consumers have distinct needs when it comes to personal investment opportunities. By understanding the financial preferences of middle income consumers, credit unions will be adequately equipped to better serve members interested in wealth management services and products.

  • Report #376 | | From the Archives Members

    Trending: Credit Unions in 2025

    In the year 2025 credit unions will operate on a financial landscape that bears little resemblance to the system of today. Technological disruption, increased regulation, changing consumer behaviors, and asset growth will all contribute to the reshaping of the global financial ecosystem.

  • Report #359 | | From the Archives Members

    Cooperation among Cooperatives

    Credit unions and other cooperatives should work better together. Credit unions would win more members and growth opportunities, and cooperatives could earn billions in extra income over time by moving deposits to their cooperative cousins.