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Corlinda Wooden

Project Manager

As the project manager for the Financial Empowerment Incubator, Corlinda is responsible for supporting all of the credit union partners while they move through the different phases of the incubator plus sharing the results with the marketplace. Her goal is to help make a positive difference in the lives of financially vulnerable populations.

Alongside the work completed at Filene, Corlinda also serves as the co-founder of Wooden Consulting where she specializes in facilitating sales and service curriculum, leadership development and pushing innovative approaches to drive bottom line results. Prior to this, in Corlinda’s 20 plus years within the financial industry, she has held many roles within the retail and training departments including director of branch services.

Corlinda has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Management and Information Systems and Qualitative Analysis from the School of Business at Portland State University. Corlinda was named one of Credit Union Magazine’s CU Movement Rock Stars for her leadership in developing a successful sales and service culture amongst the 80+ employees she managed. She was also among the top 15 credit union professionals for CUES’ Next Top Credit Union Executive competition where she shared some of her strategies regarding the future of the branching model in the credit union industry.

When not hard at work, you can find Corlinda fully immersed with her husband, two girls, and two fluffy cats. A perfect Friday night for the Wooden household consists of a dance party in their living room or a getaway to the Oregon coast. Work hard and play hard is one of the key messages instilled in her household. 

The latest from Corlinda

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    Accessible Financial Services Incubator

    During the past two years Filene tested five innovative products designed for low-and moderate-income consumers. In this report we share our results on the efficacy of these products and their potential for long-term sustainability.