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Victor Corro

CEO at Coopera Consulting

About Victor

Victor Miguel Corro, the Chief Executive Officer of Coopera Consulting, works with credit union leaders to develop a data-driven strategy that positions the organization for growth by offering a culturally sensitive outreach approach to underserved multicultural market segments. Leveraging his profound understanding and personal experience as a US immigrant, hailing from Panama, Victor actively addresses the financial challenges and cultural intricacies faced by underserved consumers, while also identifying and implementing effective solutions.

With an extensive background encompassing over 25 years of combined corporate leadership and consulting expertise, Victor possesses a remarkable ability to unite stakeholders and drive forward the mission of realizing financial inclusion and well-being. In addition, as a co-founder of the Credit Union DEI Collective, Victor wholeheartedly dedicates himself to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within the credit union industry.

Victor pursued his education at the University of Wisconsin as a Fulbright Scholar, earning a degree in Economics and Latin American Studies.

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