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A New Approach to Diversity Training

The following research brief highlights a new strategy for diversity trainings and how to leverage training stages, learning framework and common personas to create more effective and impactful learning experiences for your employees.

Executive Summary

As your team explores reimagining your DEI training, expanding both the time frame and types of content delivery can increase skill transfer within your organization. Further, enacting persona-specific actions can result in more effective skill development and positive results. DEI is not a nice-to- have in credit unions but, rather, a necessity for sustainable and informed growth.

Credit Union Implications

Diversity training is an effective step for achieving increased profitability and innovation at your credit union, and building a training that mirrors your credit union’s goals will create lasting change. Creating diversity trainings that leave your employees curious, excited, and ready to practice their skills will elevate your credit union and your

Download the full brief to learn how creating these impactful training experiences will allow your credit union to build a thriving culture in which employees value and use differences to improve decision-making in a way that drives member and financial growth.

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