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Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

With mounting concerns about social justice over the last few years, DEI has come to the forefront of organizations’ agendas and leaders have promised to expand their commitments to diversity and inclusion efforts.

Why it matters

Research shows that there are several benefits of diversity, including increased innovation, problem-solving, and learning, which can enhance individual, team, and organizational performance. Yet diversity also poses challenges, which center on our ability to respect and value others and to work effectively with those who might have different ways of thinking or working. To tackle these challenges and realize the benefits of diversity, we must have actionable strategies for creating and maintaining diverse, equitable, and inclusive workplaces—with real impacts for credit union organizational growth, talent, and member service.

Whether your credit union is looking for current information regarding DEI practices or you want to know how to measure the success of your DEI strategies from a business value standpoint, Filene and our Center for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion has all the insights you need. 

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