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How might we encourage healthy financial and life behaviors for pre-retirees aged 40 to 65?    


Retirement Roadmap:  the unique credit union retirement planning platform that combines a holistic view of retirement with activities and rewards designed to promote long-term engagement.

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    The answer? Crashers! In my (rather biased) opinion, the latter kind are by far the best Crashers. This acclaimed Crash program is led by the Cooperative Trust and brought to you by Filene. With the Trust’s launch of a new website and rebrand earlier this spring, let’s take a fresh look at this award-winning young professional community.

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    Ever had a great idea pop into your head seemingly out of nowhere? If so, you know it’s difficult to pin down what exactly sparks a novel idea. Here at Filene, we’ve had the pleasure of building a competency of innovation with credit union leaders for over a decade that puts people at the center of innovation, ensures problems are well defined, nurtures innovative problem solving and ultimately drives iterative prototyping and tangible, life changing solutions.