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Women: A Strategy for Success

  • Nan Morrow Senior Vice President Marketing at Hoosier Hills Credit Union
  • David Pope SVP Technology Services at SAFE Credit Union
  • David Snodgrass President and CEO at Lake Trust Credit Union
  • Tansley Sterns Chief People and Strategy Officer at Canvas Credit Union
  • Jean Theis Chief Relationship Officer at HomeAdvantage

Women: A Strategy for Success is a package of financial services to reduce the headaches of bill paying and budgeting, and create a greater sense of financial independence. The idea aims to help women credit union members to simplify their financial lives and to help credit unions serve members and grow membership.

Contact us to learn more about this idea from Filene i3.

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    Editor's note: We did it, we eeked out one last blog post from Tansley before saying "Aloha - out." We think she's a fantastic writer -- enjoy!

    When I applied to participate in i3, I was working at BestSource Credit Union in Waterford, MI. I was responsible for all of the frontline teams. I loved the work, but my view of credit unions and the world was narrow. Around that same time, our CEO during my annual review gave me some interesting advice. He said, “Tansley, I know you love credit unions, but consider that there is a big world out there beyond them. You may want to explore that before you are ‘tied’ to credit unions for good.”

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    As a credit union advocate, you know just how important it is that credit unions win the war for talent. Developing, growing and nurturing future leaders within our industry is imperative to our long-term success. That is just as true at Filene as it is at natural person credit unions. In that light, I’m excited to share with you that as of July 10, we have a new leader of The Cooperative Trust, Lauren Culp.