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Financial Well-being

With a weakened economy and historically high inflation, more consumers are feeling financially stressed than ever before. It's time for credit unions to focus on improving members' financial health.

Why it matters

Credit union members love to share their stories of when they opened their first savings account, got their first car loan, or was able to afford the house of their dreams. As an industry we never tire of hearing these deeply personal and emotional stories as it reflects the core of our business model. It also reflects a huge competitive advantage for credit unions looking to differentiate themselves from larger banks and fintechs. Credit unions have a reputation for providing personal guidance and advice for life's bigger financial decisions and for supporting their local communities. 

Filene shares this passion for improving financial lives and helping credit unions seek opportunities to make an impact throughout their communities. Explore the many resources we have to learn the latest socioeconomic trends, under-banked/under-served populations, and programs to implement that will differentiate your organization in your community. 

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