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Power of Connection

There is the work of Filene and there is the network of Filene.


At the heart of who we are—our middle name in fact—is of course research. This is where we started nearly 35 years ago.

Fifteen years ago, we added a strategic foundational focus on innovation and incubation—because an idea remains two dimensional until it is pulled from the page and put into action through testing and incubation.

This leads me to our third and most important core value proposition—impact. This year, Filene began more formally gathering and telling the stories of impact that our member credit unions have had on their communities, their membership, their organizations and the entire credit union system as a result of their connection to Filene.

The power of connection is what creates impact through Filene’s research and incubation. What kind of impact? Start by reading a story on how Filene’s most downloaded research report of the year helped one CEO speak in front of national policymakers about the credit union value proposition.

An idea remains two dimensional until it is pulled from the page and put into action through testing and incubation.

When credit unions support credit unions, it helps all credit unions serve their members better. Learn how the connection of just over a dozen organizations testing top ideas for new products and strategies can get answers to the questions that matter most for member service and growth.

For growth to happen at the organizational level, it must first happen at the individual level. Filene’s i3 program develops credit union C-suite leaders across the country with a keen sense of not only the importance of innovation but the competency to lead change at their organizations. Many current participants have been impacted by their own professional growth during the program.

Nothing solidifies connection like spending time together—and that we did this year! Embracing the hybrid future, we brought together thousands for in-person events with many virtual engagements to keep us connected between each opportunity to gather. Don't miss our upcoming opportunities to be there with us.

We think about the future a lot at Filene even though we measure impact by what has been done. This year we restructured our custom research and advisory program to bring credit unions more data on the network that truly is most important—your members.

By putting ideas into action, testing new and emerging innovations, developing top leaders, and building supercharged connections through the network of Filene, our members are not only creating impact, they are also winning the battle of staying relevant in an ever-changing world.

We are humbled and grateful to our network for ensuring we can continue to drive impact for the industry we work so hard for. Thank you.

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