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Worth Protecting: Credit Union Disaster Research

Responding to crisis requires preparation, and research is a key part of preparation. To close out National Preparedness Month, we’ve pulled our top resources on how you can prepare your people and your credit union now and into the future.

FEMA announced the theme of this year’s National Preparedness Month as “a lasting legacy.” A reminder to communities across the country that the life you’ve built is worth protecting and by preparing for disasters, you are creating a lasting legacy for you and your family. How can credit unions apply this lasting legacy thinking to their organizations, to their people and to their communities?

Tony Hildesheim, CIO, Redwood Credit Union, reflected on his experience of the deadly 2017 California wildfires at a past Filene event saying, “the disaster puts the noble purpose of the credit union into perspective.” This noble purpose is about people. The people you employ, the people you serve, and the people that live throughout your community.

People, and the relationships they have with one another, are the most important resource credit unions have when preparing and responding to a disaster. To support you in building a lasting legacy for your credit union and your people, Filene has pulled our top resources on how to manage through crisis, how to support employees with empathy, how to meet members’ needs where they are and how to communicate to maintain trust.