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The future of financial services is digital. What members expect from their credit union changed in the same moment as new digital-first providers are offering renewed competition. During the pandemic, credit unions showed their creativity and agility to face sudden change. How can credit unions cultivate this innovation competency to harness digital solutions that build trust, expand reach, enhance service, and drive growth?

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Day 1 (August 9): Mapping the Future of Digital Financial Services

1:00PM EDTWelcome
General Session
Josh Sledge
1:15PM EDT

The Future of Digital Transformation for Credit Unions
Opening Keynote
Josh Sledge

1:45PM EDT

The Future of Digital Transformation for Credit Unions
Keynote Conversation

Dr. Bill Maurer

2:30PM EDTThe Credit Union Difference in a Digital Age
Fireside Discussion
3:00PM EDT

Digitizing Relationship Banking: Opportunities and Risks
John Janclaes with Nymbus, Chelsea Albers with Posh Technologies, Sean Gaven with American Airlines FCU

4:00PM EDTMember-Centric Infrastructure: Building for the Future

Fireside Discussion
Sarah Szilagyi with CO-OP Financial Services

4:30PM EDTClosing Thoughts
Transition to Day 2

Dr. Jeffrey Robinson

Day 2 (August 10): Navigating the Future of Digital Financial Services

In-Person: 7:30AM EDT - 4:15PM EDT
1:00PM EDT - 5:00PM EDT

See Day 2 Agenda details here.