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Delivering Exponential Growth through Member-Centered Innovation


REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! Join us April 5-7 for a special event with Filene's Centers for DEI, Consumer Financial Lives in Transition, and Innovation & Incubation.


  • Whitney Anderson-Harrell President & CEO at Elements Financial
  • Linda Bodie Chief + Innovator at Element FCU
  • Katherine Chen Professor and Chair, Department of Sociology at The City College of New York
  • Thomaz DeMeoura Innovations Manager at Digital Federal Credit Union
  • Terry Esper Associate Professor of Logistics at The Ohio State University
  • Alaina Froton Digital Marketing Manager at Dora Financial
  • Sonia Garrison Financial Capability Program Manager at Self-Help
  • Chris Giles Chief Experience Officer at Maps Credit Union
  • Ami Iceman-Haueter Chief Research & Digital Experience Office at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
  • David Klavitter Chief Marketing Officer at Dupaco Community Credit Union
  • Ben Maxim Chief Digital Strategy & Innovation officer at Michigan State University Federal Credit Union
  • Katherine McKay Associate Director, Financial Security Program at The Aspen Institute
  • Jeff Medeiros Engagement Support Specialist at Dora Financial
  • Jonathan Njus Director of Family Economic Security at W.K. Kellogg Foundation
  • Steve Pagenstecher Chief Innovation Officer at Point West Credit Union
  • Sam Plester Marketing and Communications Director at National Credit Union Foundation
  • Tonita Webb CEO at Verity Credit Union
  • Caitlin Zaloom Professor of Social & Cultural Analysis at New York University

Thank you for attending Delivering Exponential Growth through Member-Centered Innovation.

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