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Brent Dixon

Filene Advisor

Brent Dixon is no stranger to Filene. In fact, he first joined Filene helping credit unions put our millennial research into practice and founded the now infamous Cooperative Trust, home of the Filene Crasher program. We welcome Brent back with open arms as the Senior Director of Innovation to lead the i3 professional development program, preparing credit union executives to shape the future of the industry.

When Brent was a kid, he wanted to be a tractor. That didn't work out so he founded a creative studio called The Habdash. Prior to founding this studio, Brent spent his early career as Chief Design Officer of Trabian, a fintech design-and-build firm. After Brent left Filene in 2013, he went back to school to earn his master’s degree in interdisciplinary design and brought innovation to life at organizations like the United Nations and microfinance startup Moeda.

Brent returns to Filene and the credit union system with vigor. Through his work in the development and humanitarian space he believes that some of society's most important challenges are grounded in a need for economics that put whole people and the planet at the core. He looks forward to continuing the legacy of the i3 and innovation program to develop credit union leaders, continuing to foster transformation across the credit union system and the communities we serve.

A proud first-time papa, Brent is a passionate visual artist, musician, and sits on the board of directors for Communitere International.

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