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Marc-André Pigeon

Since his youth, Marc-André has been fascinated by money and banking and its social, community, and even family underpinnings. He has worked at a credit union; as a financial journalist at Bloomberg Business News, as an economist at a think tank specializing in fiscal, monetary, and banking policy; as an economist/analyst for banking and finance committees in Canada’s Parliament; and now as director of Financial Sector Policy at Credit Union Central of Canada (CUCC), where he advocates on behalf of the credit union system and leads CUCC’s research efforts. He believes that to really understand where credit unions are today and will be in the future, you need to also understand the larger political, regulatory, economic, and cultural context.

Marc-André's Presentation Topics:

  • Financial Sector Policy Regulation
  • Economic and Policy Narratives Affecting Credit Unions
  • Outlook for Fiscal and Monetary Policy
  • Making Connections: Between Research, Policy and Credit Union Operations

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