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Blueprints for Innovation, Fall 2017 + Spring 2018

Over the last year, fourteen Filene i3 innovation teams developed creative solutions to some of the most challenging problems we have seen come out of our research and heard from credit union members.

What is this brief about?

Our industry, and other industries around us, are being disrupted at incredible speeds. New technologies and solutions are appearing almost daily in our lives in ways we never thought imaginable. Are you living in someone else’s future, or are you creating your own. Are you building a future through the eyes of your members?

Over the last year, fourteen Filene i3 innovation teams have been working, and prototyping, creative solutions to challenging problems we are seeing in our research. They are solving issues our members are facing today, with solutions that address the trends of tomorrow. From leveraging artificial intelligence and virtual reality, to aiding credit unions’ understanding of their communities with a futurist mindset, to supporting credit unions’ role and engagement in those communities. The output of their hard work is highlighted in this brief.

What is your innovation strategy?

Now it's your turn.

How are you innovating in your credit union? Did any of these tested concepts fit in your innovation strategy or solve a strategic goal? If so, let us know at [email protected] and let’s figure out how to test them further.

The moment a business ceases to be an experimenter and comes to regard itself as an expert, it may be sure that dry rot has set in.
Edward A. Filene


Filene extends its sincere appreciation to Trellance for their commitment to credit union innovation and support of Filene i3

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