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Webinar: Beyond the Check: From Transactional Giving to Transformational Impact

Review the webinar materials from "Beyond the Check: From Transactional Giving to Transformational Impact," hosted on August 5, 2021.

  • Emma Garcia AVP Community Relations & Engagement at Desert Financial Credit Union
  • Danielle Holly CEO at Common Impact

Philanthropy is not only a powerful way to uplift communities, support needs and address societal problems – it also is a differentiator for credit unions in a crowded financial services space. Grow brand awareness, grow employee satisfaction, grow real-life impact and more, all through more effective approaches, including skills-based volunteerism. Review the materials below and hear from industry experts on how this has helped achieve the impacts they sought out to have through their philanthropic strategies.

Special thank you to Desert Financial Credit Union’s AVP Community Relations & Engagement, Emma Garcia and Common Impact’s CEO Danielle Holly.

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