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2023 CEO Yearbook

To navigate our challenges successfully, we must focus on our collective strengths.

CEO Class of 2023

The Credit Union Renaissance is upon us.

In this era, there is a profound resurgence of focus on human well-being, autonomy, and progress. Change sweeps through our industry at an unprecedented pace. New economies are emerging, and traditional leadership structures are in flux.

At this juncture, where credit unions meet the new challenges of today, building relationships and learning from one another is not a choice but a necessity. 

The 2023 CEO Yearbook is a collective force of over 50 leaders. By being a part of their network, you are ensuring they are never alone in facing the challenges of their roles.

As always, Filene is here to facilitate these connections. It is through these connections that we collectively envision a future that empowers us to think forward and change lives. 

Find resources below your peers are using now to guide our industry to the future.

Class of 2023: Join us for a virtual networking session on "Is Your Credit Union's Culture Preventing Progress" on Tuesday, May 21st at 11am CT.

2023 CEO Yearbook

Introducing the newest leaders to step into the role of CEO for credit unions and system partners across the nation.

2021 & 2022 CEO Yearbook

Take a look at the first installment of our CEO Yearbook, which includes nearly 100 other leaders new to their CEO designation in both 2021 and 2022.

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