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Board Governance

From board evaluation practices to board composition, Filene has curated resources for credit union leaders seeking to learn more about strategies to improve board governance.

Why it matters

Boards serve as the backbone of credit unions—they secure decisions, set values, and map the path forward. As credit unions encounter shifts both internally and externally, including leadership turnover, evolving member needs, heightened regulatory pressures, the rapid digitalization of financial services, and an increase in merger activity, boards bear the responsibility for guiding necessary adjustments in people, processes, and protocols as needed to uphold the credit union’s mission and relevance.
Effective board governance situates the credit union board as the locus of dependability, even in times of crisis and change. Therefore, it is essential to the sustainability and health of the credit union to think critically about board governance, including board evaluation practices, renewal processes, and board composition. Filene has resources highlighting opportunities for credit unions to strengthen their approach to governance.

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