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Design for Digital

Why Design for Digital 

Designing for digital isn’t just about upgrading your technology stack, it is about retooling credit unions for digital success. This means creating a culture of nimbleness and flexibility that can continue to evolve with consumers’ changing expectations. When organizations are designed for digital, their data, technology, leadership and processes all work in concert to identify and deliver innovative member solutions.

Solution: Filene's New Center for Design for Digital

Bringing a holistic approach, this new center will tackle the complex and evolving digital landscape to help credit unions drive growth through better, more efficient processes internally and better, more engaging experiences for both their members and their employees.

Key Objectives:

  • Identify best practices in creating member-first digital strategies, aligning employees, processes, and technology to deliver on member experience
  • Explore the conflict between risk aversion and (digital) innovation to identify the cultural components needed to create sustained organizational change
  • Explore innovations in tech strategies, considering alternative models for moving from legacy tech stacks to more modern, nimble environments
  • Explore frameworks to guide credit unions in the selection and implementation of new technologies based on their organizational and member needs
  • Identify strategies for creating and maintaining alignment among stakeholders from across the organization
  • Examine approaches to identifying, cultivating, and upskilling the right talent, from associates to executives, for the digital era of credit unions
  • Identify opportunities to bring a cooperative mindset to digital for credit unions as a whole, creating more capacity for member-based differentiation instead of recreating table stakes

Next Steps

As you can imagine this is a highly anticipated research center for many credit unions struggling with evolving and enhancing their digital strategies. In fact, our waiting list for sponsors of this new project is filling up fast, click here to fill out a quick interest form to get started.

This highly-anticipated research center is quickly attracting sponsors like:

Affinity Federal Credit Union
Maps Credit Union
Michigan Credit Union League
Teachers Federal Credit Union

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