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Efficiency of Operations: The *New Currency*

Researcher Mike Higgins will explore the complex, but not complicated, business model of financial services focusing on operational efficiency.


  • Mike Higgins Managing Partner at Mike Higgins & Associates

Achieving consistent revenue growth and financial performance in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment is a significant challenge. Operational efficiency is the new currency for financial institutions after the era of low rates. 

Noting how banking and its competitors have transcended time, in this session Higgins will outline research-backed strategies for the operationally efficient to thrive through economy of scale. Attendees will leave with a list of 10 considerations to shape your organization’s best year ahead.

After a challenging 2023, many credit unions will be balancing their 2024 strategic plan with growth and improved operational efficiency. Join us Wednesday, January 24th (11:00–12:00 CST) for actionable ideas to start the year off right at your institution!

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