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i3 Prototype Presentations (Part 1)

Credit union leaders from Filene’s i3 innovation leadership program have been prototyping solutions to address consumer and credit union challenges. Waves 18 and 19 will present their latest prototype concepts and share key findings found from testing them in the marketplace.

Join us as i3ers highlight their prototype findings, and let us know which concepts you’re interested in Filene testing further.

In PART 1, you will learn about: 

  • Conversion Concierge -- a streamlined process for individuals to move their checking accounts to your credit union by eliminating challenges and ensuring a seamless onboarding experience.
  • CU Fintech Connect -- for Mid-Sized Credit Unions, who want to identify the proper fintech solutions, CU Fintech. Connect is a collaboration and comparison platform that aids in quickly finding fintech solutions for their tech stack.
  • Wallet Wise App -- an innovative app for credit union members, transforming financial education with age-tailored lessons and perks, breaking the cycle of poor financial management and fostering financial freedom.
  • BizNest --  a “one-stop-shop” small business incubation resource for new and aspiring business owners. This solution is a platform that fosters entrepreneurial engagement and community at self-accommodating levels for its users. BizNest also offers learning materials and content, the ability to connect with vetted lending partners as well as opportunities to form relationships with willing mentors. Along with all this BizNest also features a document repository focused on starting a small business along with an area dedicated to holding contact information and opportunities to engage BSPs (business service providers).
  • SAFE-TO-SPEND --  leverages Gen Z member’s unique needs and individual data to aggregate available spend, rewards, transactions, subscriptions, payments, and credit performance into one customizable screen – an overlay to the CU’s mobile app.

Don't forget to also register for PART 2 for 5 more i3 Team concepts!