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Hybrid Workforce

The war for recruiting and retaining top talent continues to put pressure on credit unions to meet the needs of existing and potential employees. One solution that has shown promise for helping credit unions position themselves as an employer of choice is through offering hybrid work arrangements.

Why it matters

Hybrid work arrangements have provided benefits to many employees, with productivity and engagement appearing to increase with hybrid work. Employees have spoken loud and clear: they want the flexibility that working from home affords but still want to spend some time in the office. These team members are prepared to look elsewhere for that flexibility if their credit union does not offer it. Therefore it is crucial that credit unions offer a thoughtful hybrid work program if they want to be competitive in the war for talent.

As workplace expectations continue to evolve credit unions must keep a pulse on the needs of potential and current top talent to remain competitive. Check out our latest insights and trends on the future of work and how credit unions can implement the right talent strategies to enhance member and employee satisfaction. 

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