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Rob Rubin

Filene Advisor

Rob is a managing director and leads the banking practice at digital strategy research firm Novarica. Prior to joining Novarica, Rob ran his own research business and created, the largest panel of bank shoppers in the United States.

Rob also spent eight years at Forrester Research, launching several consumer research services to understand how technology changes behavior. Recently, he published research about the imperative for banks and credit unions to reach Gen Y consumers, how to provide effortless online experiences, and how to win more customers by increasing online visibility. Rob is a featured speaker at industry events, is widely quoted in national and trade press, and appeared on TV networks such as ABC and CNN.

For interview and other media requests, contact Tiffany Niederwerfer at 608.661.3758 or [email protected].  

The latest from Rob

  • Report #315 | | From the Archives Members

    Beyond Engagement: Social Media Drives Business Results

    A strong social media presence can help credit unions acquire members, build relationships, and retain current members, as well as deepen community involvement. Through the Filene QUEsocial pilot project, credit union employees have shown they can generate “business wins” by using their personal social media networks.