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Simeon Chapin

Community Impact Officer at Vermont State Employees Credit Union

Simeon Chapin is the community impact officer at VSECU, a values-based credit union located in Vermont, and has over a decade of experience driving business, brands, and engagement toward social good. Simeon specializes in business development and handles strategy and execution, measurement, public and community relations, impact investing, and philanthropy. With a creative, integrated, and rigorous approach, Simeon brings people together to propel positive change and culture forward. Simeon is continuously inspired by the natural world and the innovation that comes out of challenge and perseverance. When not at work, Simeon likes to be with his family in the mountains, on a bike on Vermont gravel roads, or listening to music from all corners of the world.

The latest from Simeon

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    Webinar: Measuring DEI Success in Credit Unions: New Survey Launch

    In 2021, Filene launched a first-of-its-kind industry-wide survey looking into the DEI practices and policies that have the most value for credit unions. Building on the success of this initial survey, Filene has launched the second  annual survey on credit union DEI practices to deepen our understanding of how these practices can create impact across organizations and affect overall firm performance.

    "Measuring DEI Success in Credit Unions: New Survey Launch" was hosted on March 10, 2022.