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Confidence in Borrowing Survey: Spring 2017

Every six months Filene conducts a national survey to assess confidence in borrowing. Since our previous survey, there has been little change in consumer confidence, and overall confidence in borrowing remains low. However, having a baseline for consumer intention allows us to dive deeper and explore possible motivations and subtleties among different demographic groups. 

Executive Summary

Filene conducts a national survey every six months to gather insights on consumer confidence in borrowing. Our Spring 2017 survey indicates that trends have not changed much over the past six months and that US confidence in borrowing remains low.

General Trends Compared with Fall 2016

We see little change in consumer confidence:

  • Non-millennials (ages 34+) gained a little more confidence since our last survey.
  • Millennial confidence declined slightly.
  • Overall, only 9% of respondents report feeling confident taking out more debt over the next six months.


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