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Generational Differences

From Baby Boomers to Gen X to Millennial to Gen Z, each generation views money differently. Your marketing messages need to reflect these different viewpoints. But it is more than just generational differences, we must also look at the unique needs of vulnerable members and create space for conversations so we can adjust our marketing messages appropriately.


Generational Money Chatter
Understand how each generation views money and finances, and suggestions on how your credit union can better support and serve members of all generations.

Millennial Money Chatter: A Guide to Millennial Financial Discourse
Tap into Millennials’ perceptions of personal finance by understanding how Millennials talk about personal finance.

Relieve the Squeeze: The Sandwich Generation
Explore how the sandwich generation’s members spend, save, and invest, what difficulties they encounter, what drives their financial stress, and how your credit union can help.

Domestic Violence Recovery (DVR) Loan Program - Year Three Report
Think through the vulnerable populations in your community and how you can adjust your products and services to meet their specifics need they might have.

From Debt to Mindfulness
Take moments of friction that help members reconsider how to be mindful of expenditures and stop negative habits.

Who Do Credit Unions Belong To?
Examine whether the high levels of social and political polarization evident in the US are affecting how citizens view and understand credit unions.

Nature vs. Nurture: Research Event Recap

Review the insights from a research event exploring the hidden factors that impact consumer financial decision making.


Filene Fill-In Ep. 43: Domestic Violence Recovery Loan Program—Research vs. In-Practice
Unpack the research that built the DVR loan program and how it works in practice in this podcast.

Becoming a Mindful Spender: A Mindfulness Journal
Share this journal to help assist members in the practice of becoming more mindful when spending temptations arise.

Filene Fill-In Ep. 47: Who Do Credit Unions Belong To? (You might be surprised)
Andrew Turner, researcher of "Who do Credit Unions Belong To?", talks through how to make purposeful and informed strategic decisions about how you present your credit union to your community and the world at large.

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