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  • Eric Gubka Training Manager at Member Driven Technologies
  • Mai-Linh Hoang VP Corporate Strategy & Marketing at Collins Community Credit Union
  • Lauren Jones Innovation Coordinator at Credit Union of Colorado
  • Evan Mulcahy Innovation Consultant at Credit Union 1
  • John Nichols Senior Vice President of Marketing at Advantis Credit Union


What can credit unions do to support their members in investing safely in cryptocurrency and understanding all types of investing?

Innovation Solution:

CryptoConfident is a holistic, self-service financial advice platform focusing on economic well-being first. Through a series of self-guided questions, CryptoConfident will help consumers determine if cryptocurrency investing currently fits into their investment goals, considering the consumer’s comfort level with risk and their current savings and investments. CryptoConfident also tackles the lack of digestible education around cryptocurrency for consumers and credit union employees. Content is entirely customizable, allowing credit unions to control the information shared.

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