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As the speed of change in our environments increases, how might credit unions better understand their market’s future and be prepared to take advantage of it?


Dots, a futurist guide deck for credit union leaders. With Dots, anyone can uncover future opportunities like a visionary strategist. Dots is ideal for executive teams, boards, managers, and staff. Its numbered domain cards can be used again and again as a critical input to strategic planning, scenario exploration, and innovation processes.

Testing Results:

  • While exploring each of the 12 domains to gather insights, or “Dots”, to connect, we made the following observations about the tool:
  • The tool is scalable and can be used effectively by one person alone or many people together.
  • The tool can be used over the course of many sessions or during a single session.
  • Using multiple sessions to deeply dive into each domain resulted in a richer context for discussion; however, we do not want to discount the value of deploying the tool in conjunction with more rapid ideation techniques. We recommend both methods for the fullest experience.
  • Gathering insights across all 12 domains resulted in a very fertile ground for new and great ideas to rapidly emerge. We noted that this is a different approach as contemporary techniques are more silo’d and do not take as holistic a view. This greatly limits vision and ideation, in our opinion.
  • Dots is a versatile tool and works well as an input for scenario exploration, strategic planning, and innovation techniques.
  • Dots is flexible enough to be adapted to any time frame, be it 1-year or 50-years.
  • Dots can be used with virtually any US market, large or small.
  • Our test group did observe that our prior training and experience with the Filene Innovation Method conferred some amount of ease and advantage in using the tool that may not exist with users lacking similar exposure.