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Top 5 Most Viewed Blog Posts of 2023

Find out what credit union leaders were reading up on this year with this list of the most viewed blogs of 2023.

When we look at 2023's most viewed blog posts credit union leaders wanted to learn more about product innovation, Filene's communities, mergers and board governance. Interesting to note that Mergers: A Restructuring of the Credit Union System was also featured as a top blog post last year. Clearly, this reflects the changing landscape of the credit union industry. We have seen an uptick in merger activity as the industry continues to consolidate and we think this trend will continue with increasing competition and efficiency challenges for smaller institutions. Another trend we have seen within the last two years is increased changes in credit union leadership—more retiring CEOs and new CEOs looking for guidance in terms of board governance strategies. In fact, 29%—almost 1/3 of all credit unions have had a new CEO between 2018-2022.  

Whether you're a new CEO or a leader that's been in the industry for a long time, Filene is focused on providing you with the information that you need to be successful within your organization. Now is a great time to catch up or re-read our most viewed blogs to learn more about the current issues facing credit unions. 

5 Most Popular Blog Posts of 2023

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