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Webinar: Creating Environments for Ideas to Connect: i3 Project Readout

Review the webinar materials fromCreating Environments for Ideas to Connect: i3 Project Readout, hosted on February 11, 2021.

Building on what has already been started around diversity, equity and inclusion work, leaders from Wave 15 of the i3 program worked together and in three smaller teams to evaluate and identify opportunities for credit unions to continue their DEI journey.

Whether it is pursuing a DEI Designation or doing your own personal work, Wave 15 reminds us how crucial it is that as a credit union movement we continue to learn and grow in the DEI space for our organizations, our staff, and for our members. 

  • Watch the full webinar video below
  • Learn more about groundwork they laid for a potential DEI Designation here
  • Review each 10-minute project video and their official readout documents

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