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Accelerating Analytics

Finding the right partner to help your credit union deliver a high-performing and effective analytics strategy is key to success. In this session we will explore the value of academic partnerships and the opportunities they present for credit unions.

When it comes to developing and implementing an effective analytics strategy, a credit union's approach to leveraging external partnerships can be critical. Join us for this special session where Filene Fellow Cheri Speier-Pero will provide a high-level overview of the effectiveness of partnerships including:

  • Establishing the importance of partnerships and the specific analytics value creation opportunity with academic partnerships.
  • Discuss with Michigan State Federal Credit Union's (MSUFCU) team regarding their experience of utilizing academic partnerships to support their analytics strategy.
  • Provide solutions for credit unions looking for academic partnerships to help them achieve their analytics objectives.

If you are interested in learning more about how partnerships can help improve the effectiveness of your credit union's analytics strategy, please join us on Thursday, April 25th (11 - 12 CST).

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