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America's Got Talent: Attracting It is the Challenge

But attracting and retaining talented employees requires competing with larger financial institutions, the tech industry, and nonprofits. Many of today’s credit union personnel may not even have been aware of the industry when they started their careers, and many students aren’t considering it as they search for jobs. Considering the challenges, how can credit unions snag top talent?

    Executive Summary

    In an effort to address the challenge of attracting and retaining talented employees, Filene hosted a day-long research event dedicated to sharing new insights and best practices for credit unions' efforts in talent attraction. Four presenters and a panel of recruitment experts offered recommendations for finding talent, selling your organization to candidates, and making the most of employee turnover. This report summarizes presentations on the following:

    • Developing your credit union's brand story and using it to your competitive advantage,
    • The value of recruiting vs. waiting for job seekers,
    • Insights on recruitment strategies from the NFL, and
    • Using employee turnover to your advantage in attracting more and better talent. 


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