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Helping Justice-Impacted Women Achieve Financial Well-Being

*10-Minute Read—This quick-start guide lays out four steps that credit unions can put into action to help justice-impacted women achieve financial well-being.

Executive Summary

Filene, the National Credit Union Association (NCUA), and many of our member credit unions are committed to making financial well-being accessible to all Americans. Filene and the NCUA brought together their resources into one place in a quick start guide called Putting Financial Well-Being for All Into Practice, which dealt with that issue on a larger scale. Making this goal a reality requires an understanding of the specific issues and challenges facing populations that tend to struggle with financial health. This guide drills down to those who are impacted by the criminal legal system with a special focus on women. 

Credit Union Implications

The number of people impacted by the criminal legal system, coupled with the heavy financial costs associated with its involvement, make a strong case for why credit unions should care about serving this population and their families. The following brief lays out four steps that can help credit unions move forward with strategies designed to expand their membership by serving this group while also helping this group achieve financial well-being. 

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